If Managers were Teachers

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If Managers were Teachers


So time ago it struck me that Premiership managers are in many respects similar to teachers that we all learned from in school. So I thought I’d have a look through the staff room door of our very own ‘Premiership High’…


Mr Ferguson – Notoriously strict Maths teacher, head of faculty. Playing by his rules will result in high grades however a whiff of dissention will be harshly punished, possibly even resulting in permenant exclusion.


Mr Wenger – Brilliant, but often misunderstood head of Science. Often wows his pupils with exciting practical demonstrations, rumoured to be somewhat over enthusiastic when educating boys from the younger forms.


Mr Pearce – Over enthusiastic woodwork teacher. Leaps about the classroom with enthusiasm, but results seldom match his input.


Mr Jol – Affable head of Home Economics, always sees the best, even in the most unruly of pupils.


Former Employees

Mr Houlier – Head of Modern Languages, specialises in French. Wanders the corridors full of bluster and wind. No-one seems to understand him, let alone his fellow teachers.


Article by David Hardy


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