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Transfer Window Musings


I have sat back and looked at the deals that happened during the transfer window, I can only say that the moves were underwhelming. For all people’s moaning about Chelsea’s spending power, when they spend it makes for excitement. I think most of us secretly hoped they would make a couple of last-gasp deals.


Though having said that, as a Liverpool fan, I, for one, am pleased they bought no one. It gives me increased hope that we can still catch them. But then I am an optimist, I still think we can win the league. Yes I know it’s unlikely (and I can hear you Man U and Chelsea fans sniggering as you read this!), but I really believe we can do it. With United having to go to both Stamford Bridge and Anfield, I can see the lead being cut by six points in those games alone.


United surprised me by not buying a central midfielder in the window, it is so obvious they need one and I expect it to cost them before the season ends.


As for Liverpool’s buys, there isn’t really a lot to say, another bunch of young hopefuls for the ‘future’ and, hopefully, Mascherano. Hopefully, because the lad is an excellent player, who was stuck on the sidelines for monetary reasons, not because of a lack of ability. The only thing that worries me is Gerrard ending up playing wide again!


It did seem to me that the transfer window saw lots of mediocre players being snapped up by relegation-threatened clubs in the hope they can save them from relegation. Maybe they feel mediocrity is an improvement.


All in all the transfer window left me cold – not one signing to get the juices flowing with the thought of seeing him play in the Premiership. Ok so Tevez and Mascherano never worked out for the Hammers, but the excitement of their signing is undeniable. Can the same be said about any January buy?


Article written by Tris Burke


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