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Was Rafa Right?


Did Rafael Benitez have a point? Are Everton a small club? In my view it depends on what you call small. If you are referring to the fanbase then no, Everton are not a small club. But if you are talking in terms of finances or the chances of winning trophies then yes,


Everton are a small club. In terms of finances they are behind Man Utd, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool, Tottenham, Newcastle, Boro and now even West Ham have more spending power. They are competing with the likes of Bolton and Fulham – hardly what you call the big clubs are they? Their chances of winning a major trophy are about as good as Roman Abramovich running out of cash, yes it could happen but it would take some kind of miracle!


In my opinion Rafa’s remark is one of those stupid throw away comments designed to get the fans on his side. Like David Moyes’ talk of Everton being the ‘people’s club’. The only people that care are Liverpool and Everton fans, the rest of the world will have a little giggle about it and it will be forgotten.


But for Everton fans Rafa the gaffer has cleverly taken the gloss off an excellent result for them and given Liverpool fans a cushion for the blow of failing to win.

Article written by Tris Burke


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